Nissan Knows Where you Want to Go: Nissan Navigation System


Nissan Navigation System from the 2013 Nissan Altima

If it weren’t for gas station directions, we may not have made it anywhere decades ago. But now, with the prevalence of navigation systems we find our direction in ways we never before imagined. Whether it’s a new coffee place in a quite spot outside the city or a hotspot for dancing the night away, our navigation systems can  show us a great time and take us some place unexpected.

Branded with the Nissan name, Nissan navigation systems are known for their advanced technology and reliability. Be sure that there’s no sink or swim when finding a new route with Nissan. While some other external navigation sources may take you out to shore, the Nissan system will never leave you stranded.

Nissan Navigation saves. It saves you two valuable assets including one that you can never get back and one that you worked hard to earn: Time and money.

Nissan navigation works hard to find the best route for you. Traffic that ticks time away is avoided as Nissan updates directions based on live traffic updates, helping you avoid the traffic as others continue to blindly jam up sticky situations

With all of the different “route type” options available, you can keep more cash in your pocket because the system looks for the most efficuent route for your needs. Even with the amazing gas mileage of the Sentra, Altima or 2014 rogue, Nissan found even more ways to make things easier on your wallet.

Along with voice-guided directions the map navigation settings are easy to employ despite having a wide variety of functions. Set your route type to ‘Fastest’ and Nissan Navigation will make sure you’re on time for whatever you have scheduled.  ‘Eco’ calculates the most economical route saving you gas and wear on your vehicle, while setting the map for ‘Shortest’ lets your Nissan show you the physically shortest distance between locations. In addition to these map features, you can also use your navigation system to avoid freeway or tollway usage.

Typing in your desired destination is as easy as knowing your ABCs, and saving addresses to the memory is another simple task in the user-friendly Nissan.

If you’re on the road and you need to grab a quick bite or need to refuel after days of driving, simply touch “places” on the menu screen and choose from “Nearby Restaurants” or Nearby Gas Stations”and you’ll be shown directions for corresponding options within a 50 mile radius. On specifically equipped vehicles you can even check real-time traffic events and weather conditions so you can stay informed on the go.

Also, on select model you can stay in tune with your phone, via NissanConnect which uses hands-free technology, your smartphone, and Nissan’s display screen so you’re never out of touch. It’s loaded with features and compatible with a growing list of apps that let you play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and navigate any city like a local.

Most importantly, Nissan will never leave you stranded. Nissan provides constant updates and service for their software and maps. Easily downloadable and always current their softwear and map updates are easy to install. Download the latest Navigation maps and software at :

Come to Berman’s Auto Group Star Nissan or Mid City Nissan for a detailed, up-close look at the navigation system.


Come Party with us at Mid City Nissan!

Mid City Nissan Sales Event

Mid City Nissan Sales Event


There’s nothing better than finding that car you just can’t take your eyes off of. The car you can see yourself cruising the streets in. The car that make heads turn while the wheels turn on down the road. There’s nothing better than finding the car of your dreams, except finding it at prices so low you may have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re awake!

On September 7th at from 12 P.M. -4 P.M., your dream pricing is a reality at Mid City Nissan as we roll out of summer with the sale of the season. Along with prices that can’t be beat, we are throwing a party to celebrate our wholesale-like pricing.

Kicking things off, the Univsion Chicago team come visit our Mid City Nissan location and they were so excited about our sale, they produce a small segment for the hit network show Despierta America. Airing on Univision this Thursday at 8:24 A.M you can meet our GSM, Jesus Rodriguez as he talks with host Nikole Suarez about Mid City Nissan’s party of the year!

If you miss out on the broadcast,  you can still get the who, what where and when by reading the rest of this post! 

Starting at 12 P.M.  find great deals like 30% off MSRP on new Nissans, cars for under ten thousand dollars and monthly payments as low as 99 dollars a month.

These prices are something to party about so we invited MAXIMA-93.5 and Que Buena 105.1 to our dealership to broadcast remotely. The cool beats and hot deals are met with awesome prizes and giveaways all day! Come in for a chance to win a flat screen TV, concert tickets and gas cards! Even if you don’t take home any prizes, you can still drive away in a Nissan for a steal of a deal that will make you feel like a winner.

Along with the giveaways, and near-giveaway car pricing, you can come down to our 4444 West Irving Park dealership and gets some free food while you chat with local celebrity and Despierta Chicago host Nikole Suarez from 12:30 pm until 1:30 pm.

We have the best deals in the district at Mid City Nissan, so come party with us on September 7th from 12-4 p.m! See you soon!


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Star Nissan’s Hockey Connection


Steve Hara in his office at Star Nissan

While many Chicagoans were glued to the NHL playoffs hoping that the Blackhawks would bring a huge dose of home-town pride to the Windy City with a certain little trophy called the Stanley Cup, Star Nissan’s GM Steve Hara watched for even more personal reasons.

“It started about 40 years ago,” said Steve. “I became friends and neighbors with a guy named Bob Murray. He played for the Blackhawks 17 years and later became their general manager,” he continued.

Because of this friendship, when Steve isn’t on the showroom floor at Star Nissan, it’s quite possible that he’s hanging out with the Blackhawks who according to him are “a great group of guys” among which little or no ego can be detected. And after working with many different professional sports organizations, Steve believes that nesting with the Hawks is the best place for him and his charity, The Special Kids Network.

Started in 1999, The Special Kids Network was designed as an independent non-profit organization providing funding for programs relative to children and young adults with special needs via money raised from various events throughout the year. The Special Kids Network was founded by Chad and Debbie Coe who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs after seeing family members struggle with developmental disabilities.

“There’s always been a charitable aspect to my life and I got Bob involved with that early on. That relationship evolved into many other relationships with guys he played with and guys he managed and they trusted and believed in me. So when I got involved with The Special Kid’s Network, they were willing to support me and the charity,” he said with a smile.

Family life, a full-time job and a charity that demands countless hours of tending to. Not many people could muster up the dedication to juggle all three, but Steve manages to balance each detail in his life with blade-like precision and most importantly: he loves every bit of it.

“The people that I get to meet. The people that I work with. Even though we do the same thing every day, who we do it with changes and that’s that fun part. So you’re constantly meeting people from every walk of life because we’re selling cars $1,000 and we sell cars for $100,000,”  Steve says of his job at Star Nissan.

After working at the Touhy Avenue dealership in Niles, Illinois for over 40 years, Steve still gets excited to go to work each day and finds his drive for life by helping people weather it’s on the lot or at his charity events for The Special Kid’s Network

Today, The Special Kid’s Network is a thriving organization with several renowned events such as the Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament. July 22, 2013, marks the golfing tournament’s 14th and hopefully biggest year. A huge hit in the community, the tournament allows celebrities to tee off with or against non-celebrities, and making the event this year even bigger, some Blackhawks will surely be in attendance.

“This part of my charity is a celebrity event and most of the celebrities are hockey people: hockey players, general managers, former players, coaches. And we get a lot of help and support from the Blackhawks”, said Steve about the upcoming event.

Sponsored by the Morris Silverman Family at Twin Orchard Country Club in Long Grove, IL.  The main beneficiary for this year’s event is the recreational programs of Keshet which serves children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In the past, the event has featured many celebrities and athletes such as Gabe Garimi, Joe Girardi, Jeremy Roenick and actor Chris Williams.

For Steve, being able to mix his personal passion for hockey (yes, he’s a coach too) while helping people through his non-profit charity organization is a blessing he still can’t get over.

“I was fortunate enough to go to many games,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. And with each goal the Hawks scored during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, like a proud father Steve cheered for the future of his charity, the future of hockey and future of Chicago.

“They’ve created an incredible environment; it was not that many years ago when the building was not a third full. And I was there then, and I am there now when it’s overflowed. The vibe is electric and the building shakes and it’s a phenomenal thing to see and experience,” he said.

Sitting in his Star Nissan office decked with photos of his history with the Blackhawks, anyone who visits it can see just how close he is to them, and just how close they are to him.

“It’s great to be proud of something; it’s great to be proud of your hometown team”, he said. And as proud as he of both, Steve is also proud of his dealership.


Memories with the Hawks deck his walls

“I’ve been very fortunate that my reputation and the reputation of our dealership is held in very high regards at The United Center so I do a lot of business with The Bulls and the Blackhawks,” he said with pride.

Now, even with this incredible hockey season behind him, Steve still has many more events to look forward to as Vice President for The Special Kid’s Network. And with the help of his champion Hawks these future events will undoubtedly surpass his own goals.


Upcoming events include the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament which was most recently held last October in Northfield, Illinois. The first place even winner received a $10,000 buy-in to the Main Event at the World Series of Poker. The tournament attracted 250 participants and raised $135,000. The next poker event is tentatively being scheduled for early 2014 and will soon be announced via their website.

For a complete listing of other events like their charity bowling tournament and for more info on the organization or to make a charitable donation, click on the link below:


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group

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Berman’s Auto Group owns four premiere new and used car dealerships in Chicago: Mid City NissanStar NissanMid City Subaru and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago. 


Meet the Number One Nissan Sales Consultant in the District: Adelita Fific

“I was scared of my own shadow”, said Adelita Fific recalling her first few days selling cars.

Starting at Mid City Nissan in 2006, Adelita never imagined just how far she’d come in just a few short  years with the company.


Adelita Fific, Mid City Nissan

In 1999, pregnant and scared, she moved from the turmoil in Bosnia to Chicago with the help of her sister. “I didn’t know a lick of English”, she said recalling the journey.

Not letting her adversities define her, Adelita assimilated herself into the American way of life and started work at Mid City Nissan.

“I had no experience…but they just told me to go in and have fun,” she recalled.

Her initial fear soon turned into a compelling drive to excel after she sold her first car, a 2006 Armada.

“I was 6 feet tall and bulletproof”, she said remembering the moment. After a few years on the sales floor, she began to develop her own goals and her own  solid sales mantra: “Speak clearly, answer intelligently and listen silently,” she says.

 “Every time you sell to a customer don’t forget them. They chose you out of 15,000 other sales people. Always remember and stay grateful.” Her  positive outlook sure seems to be working as she was recently crowned the top Nissan sales associate in the district.  Being number one out of 188 other people would prompt others to sit back and relax, but for Adelita it’s still not enough. “Being on top drives me to do better”, she said of her success.

 Also ranked 9th out of 2041 for sales in the region, part of her success relates to the bonds she forms with the people who come into her life. She sees each person who comes into the dealership as a potential friend, and chance to form a lifetime relationship. “There are people who bought 7 or 8 cars from me. They’re more than a customer. I know their friends, their family…they are family,” she says.

 When asked which customer sticks out in her mind as her favorite she thoughtfully replied that it was impossible to asnwer, “Every sale has its story and it would be selfish of me to pick just one.”

 The respect she has for her customers even flows over to her coworkers, noting that’s its just as important to be nice and get a long with the people you work with.  Coincidentally, mere seconds after saying this, one of her coworkers brought in a giant bouquet of flowers to celebrate her birthday. “See? Be nice to your coworkers and they’ll bring you flowers”, she said with a laugh.


Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group
Like us on Facebook for personalized attention and inside deals! We invite you to share your comments, ideas and likes with us!
Berman’s Auto Group owns four premiere new and used car dealerships in Chicago: Mid City NissanStar NissanMid City Subaru and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago. 

Save a Pet’s Life With Mid City Subaru




On June 1st, from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m, join us at Mid City Subaru to welcome 101.9 The MIX and PAWS Chicago as they show off their adoptable furry friends for a few hours of pet-friendly fun. While you’re picking up your new fur-ever friend make sure you test drive the Forester so you can have 25$ donated in your name!

Mid City Subaru has been a pet-friendly environment in the Chicago area for years, and we are excited to team up with 101.9 FM, The MIX, as a marketing partner to make sure that this message transcends vehicle sales and works to help our fury companions four wheels and four paws at a time.

While the 2014 Subaru Forester gets around 32 miles-per-gallon highway, just a one-mile test drive can help change the lives of animals in need around the Chicago area.

From now until July 31, when you take a test drive in a new Forester, we will donate 25$ to one of four pro-pet charities. After driving the Subaru Forester which was named a Top Safety Pick by the IHHS, chose between Paws Chicago, The Buddy Foundation, C.A.R.E of Evanston and P.A.W.S of Tinley Park to give your donation to-on us!



*Limit one test drive per person. Consumers must have a valid, state issued driver’s license to participate in the test drive promotion.

Veterans at Berman’s Auto Group Reflect on Time Served


While Mike Betancourt was at a job fair at his college nearly a year ago, representatives from Berman’s Auto Group approached him to ask if he’d ever thought about selling cars. When Mike responded that he hadn’t since he’d been in the Marines for the last 81/2 years, Berman’s representatives told him he was hired-on the spot.

Berman’s Auto Group doesn’t just welcome active members and veterans into their dealerships with military discounts, but they happily employ many of them too. On this Memorial Day, 2013 not only do we salute those soldiers who served here and abroad, but we salute the ones who now work under our own roof.

A few weeks after Berman’s Auto Group spoke to Mike, he arrived for his first day of work. Since then, he’s excelled at his job, attributing his success to the military training he received years before.

Military veterans of all ages are working through the ranks at the Berman Auto Group doing everything from selling cars like Mike to managing whole departments like Joon Choi who has been with the auto group for nearly 10 years. Before he got into the car industry, sales manager Joon Choi experienced life in the Marines for three years.

Working in avionics, Joon traveled the world, gaining the skills he would later use in civilian life. Joon agrees that serving in the Marines helped him to excel at his chosen career path in the auto industry.“We encounter different people every day in this business and my military time really helped me to learn how communicate with people from all walks of life,” says Choi.

Joon Choi

Today, as the active captain of his sales crew he works hard to ensure that every customer leaves his dealership with their questions answered and their concerns eliminated.

“Different opinions, different people. That’s what America is and we worked to ensure that that’s what it will always be,” said Joe Fasanella, used car director at Berman’s Auto Group.

Joe Facanella

Joe served 5 years in the Marine Corps Special Forces where he says he learned the value of being able to relate to people, following up and even just staying in contact. According to Joe, once you live the military life, it’s ingrained permanently.

“It changes everything. Before it was only me. After I had a new family and we did everything as a unit. It really teaches you how to work as a group, and you need those skills in everything you do after,” he said.

According to Milton Stewart, it’s not just the way you see yourself that changes with time in the military, but the way you see others.  Stewart, a sales consultant at Mid City Subaru who served in the Army for 8 ½ years in their telecommunications department says that life’s priorities change with the experience.

“You see the worst that can happen to people and you have to survive through it. And I hope that on this day, people recognize and respect anyone who put a uniform on for this country,” he says.
The men and women who devoted countless minutes, thousands of hours and many years to the country, like Mike, Joon, Miton and Joe only hope that Americans appreciate their effort on this day.
Milton Stewart
“Appreciation. I hope they appreciate for a moment. Devote just one day to those who have fought and died for our county, ” said Betancourt.
Steve Waldrop, of Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago who served 4 years in the Army Nation Guard says he’s thankful for those who came before him and paved the way for him to serve. An even greater gift the Army provided him with? The value of life and how to live it.

Steve Waldrop

“The Military taught me courtesy, leadership and to never take my life for granted. I’ll never forget that.” he said.

Although they all worked separately for different branches, in different years, and locations, they all worked towards the same goal. They worked to ensure the safety of this country and the freedoms within. Today, while their surroundings have changed, our military staff at Berman’s Auto Group work just as hard to serve their customers with the values, work ethics and discipline they learned while serving in the military.

Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group
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Berman’s Auto Group owns four premiere new and used car dealerships in Chicago: Mid City NissanStar NissanMid City Subaru and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago.