These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

by Shebnem Ince

A Grab Bag Of Lovely Remembering From 2011

1)Lini dal 910 Lambrusco Rosso Secco IGT. If you only know of Lambrusco via Cantine Riunite (on ice, that’s nice, remember??/), you are missing the point. Artisan Lambrusco is Secco (dry) and the secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle (rather than a giant tank). It’s dry, heady, tannic and fizzy all at once. Grab a plate of sausages, some pecorino cheese and you have a party.

2) Domaine Louis Carillon & Fils Puligny-Montrachet 2009. Louis is retiring, and the fils (his sons) will take over, under two new Domaines starting in 2010, but this pitch-perfect example of  Cote du Beaune Chardonnay is heartbreakingly correct and impeccably delicious.

3)Failla Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast 2010. Younger vines from Hirsch & Keefer Ranch vineyards, this little cherry bomb is all pleasure and drinks like a dream.

4)Telegraph Wine Bar.
Unflinchingly and unapologetically old-world, sommelier Jeremy Quinn has put together a list of dazzling obscurities from such unknown ports as the Jura, Lombardia & the Aube, to name a few. In the heart of Logan Square, in a room crafted from re-purposed, Wisconsin barn wood, I keep pinching myself, because it seems like a utopian ideal, yet always feels like home. Drink the COS Pithos Bianco, Sicilia, Italy, at 2 in the morning, until the sun has almost risen, because you can.

5)Ricard Anisette Liquor, with water and ice, in a mason jar. Transport yourself to the sunny, Mediterranean heart of Provence, in the eyes of winter, and lose yourself in the alcoholic, fennel-driven reverie of the planet’s most simple cocktail. see photo

Shebnem Ince
Wine Director

The Gage
24 S Michigan
Chicago, IL 60603
18 S.Michigan
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 578-0763

Food & Wine Magazine Top Sommelier 2011

photo credit: Shebnem Ince

One thought on “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Nice to ‘meet’ another “Lambrusco secco lover”! BTW, most ‘secco’ Lambruscos are not bottle-fermented. FYI, on Lini’s website you are able to find out which of their secco Lambruscos are tank- and which are bottle-fermented.

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