February Wine Blog: A Most Unusual Wine & Vincent’s Bedroom in Arles.

February Wine Blog

When I was a much younger Mother, I was in the habit of strapping my infant boy into a little front carrier and marching him down to the Art Institute of Chicago so he could coo at the pointillists. I was sure this early exposure would lead to great things and stimulate his intellect. A favorite painting of ours (or at least mine) was van Gogh’s “Vincent’s Bedroom in Arles”- a masterpiece of longing and loneliness, with its thick,  blurred lines and weeping dimensions. I was always convinced that I could feel Vincent, his brilliant & damaged soul somehow trapped in the textured layers of paint.

Van Gogh, unstable, and ravaged by mental illness, was manically prolific during his time in Arles. His paintings explored mainly natural landscapes at this period. The sheer volume and undeniable genius of these works is staggering. Arles is situated about 7 km from a mountain range called the ‘Chaines Des Alpilles”. His most famous work “Starry Night”, and its less famous complement, “Olive Trees In A  Mountainous Landscape” include haunting depictions of these beautiful mountains.

As well as Vincent’s dying secrets, this chain of mountains house the vineyards for an extraordinary Cabernet/Syrah blend, a rich and profound red, one that rivals many Bordeaux & Northern Rhone offerings I have had in my life.

Domaine de Trevallon is located in St. Etienne-du-Gres and they own 42 acres of vineyards planted to Syrah and Cabernet. The vineyards have a northern exposure and enjoy a cool micro-climate in the foothills of the Alpilles.

All viticulture is strictly organic, sheep manure taking the place of synthetic fertilizers and manual labor taking the place of herbicides. Insects are controlled by their natural enemies as the natural world is allowed to work its efficient systems.

The current vintage for the Domaine de Trevallon Rouge is 2007. The color of this wine is inky, purple & opaque, an opulent stainer from two thick-skinned grapes. the fruit is dense and sweet, but complex earthy tones, nuances of dried and fresh Provencal herbs and vanilla.

This and all my other selections are available upon request from:

Perman Wine Shop
802 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL 60607
312 666 4417

Shebnem Ince
Wine Director

The Gage
24 S Michigan
Chicago, IL 60603
18 S.Michigan
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 578-0763


Food & Wine Magazine Top Sommelier 2011


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