2013 JX35 at Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago Offers Industry First Safety Feature


The Infiniti JX35 combines family focus and luxury in a handsome new package


Infiniti is setting safety standards with the introduction of Back-Up Collision Intervention on its new JX35 model. Once the 2013 Infiniti JX35 crossover senses another vehicle within a dangerous range the breaks will actually automatically engage preventing collisions.

An industry first, the safety feature begins working the moment the vehicle is in reverse. The JX35 alerts the driver gradually of impending danger and employs different warning signals until finally intervening. First the Infiniti JX35 will alert the driver with flashing lights, followed by a red indicator on the center console and emit 3 beeps. Finally, the vehicle counteracts the driver by pushing back on the accelerator and for the ultimate measure, provided the driver is going at least 5 mph, it will engage the brakes.

This is great news for new and experienced drivers alike, considering the staggering amount accidents that occur after drivers have shifted to reverse. Every 1.6 minutes someone fails to slam on their breaks quick enough to avoid an accident while backing up in the United States. This is equal to about 300,000 reported accidents and around 400 deaths which could have been avoided**.
First introduced to the public as a concept crossover at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in October 2012, the then unnumbered JX was an instant hit. The positive responses the vehicle garnered pushed Nissan to turn the concept into a reality for the public.

The JX35 is currently on the market and is available for purchase at Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago: 312-476-8000.

*Statistics on backup accidents can be located at http://www.stopbackupaccidents.com/whynhow.php

Berman’s Auto Group is a premiere Illinois new and used car dealer located in key points of Chicagoland. Owning Star Nissan in Niles, Mid City Nissan of Chicago, Mid City Subaru of Chicago and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago, the Berman group strives to sell high quality vehicles to the Chicago region.


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group

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