Use That Refund to Spring Into a New Car

The sunshine and blooms of a new spring season are often overshadowed by the doom and gloom of tax time. By April 15th, most Americans have compiled, filed and filled out their forms, mailing them off with a stamp of good riddance. However, once the refund rebounds back, the new check will put a spring in anyone’s step.

While the economy is meekly moving along, it’s a surprise that a third of all Americans are looking for ways to spend their refund  according to Capital One Bank’s annual Taxes and Savings Survey. But with the government giving back an average of $2,913 per check, it’s no wonder tax payers are feeling a bit more liberal with their wallet.

Even though the shiny new tablet would be fun to play with, ignoring other issues could cost more in the long run. While the check engine signal illuminating the dashboard on the way home from work is creating a sort of ambiance lighting, it’s not a good idea to drive around with that wicked warning for any amount of time. Ditch the tablet dreams and take care of your vehicle before the cost of a tune-up is replaced with the cost of a new engine. Star Nissan service center is a great place for an after-tax-tune-up, to avoid more costly ordeals later. The service center at Star Nissan isn’t brand biased either- whatever make or model they’re skilled and trained to take care of it.

Peeked into the garage, kicked the tires and watched the bumper fall off. Maybe the service center just isn’t going to cut it. Couple the refund check with a trade in-minus a bumper, and the car that drives around in your dreams, might just be able to come home with you. The Nissan Leaf from Star Nissan, in Niles seemed to be going too fast to catch, but with some refund wrangling and a bit of number crunching with this car loan calculator you just might be able to jump in the driver’s seat.

Maybe it’s too early to spring into thinking about next tax season, but purchasing a car like the Nissan Leaf this year allows for a hybrid vehicle tax credit next year. Auto loan rates are also the lowest they’ve been since 2008, so maybe it’s time to move that spring cleaning to the garage and spruce it up for a new occupant.


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Star Nissan

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