On the Road Again

As warmer days roll in cars everywhere are rolling out to take that memorable road trip. Whether you got out and wrestled that ominous bear or found yourself engaged in tamer endeavors such as finding an unbelievable sale on the shoes you wanted- the trip you take should be an unforgettable one.

Murano CrossCabriolet

While your musical companions such as your MP3 player or built-in satellite radio are good for small talk, when you’re looking for a deep philosophical battle you need some co-pilots. Pick your cabin crew wisely; Just as you’d pick your car, look for the features you need on your trip in your friends. John is great at navigating while Cindy can find a party anywhere- so pack them along. If you have a predetermined crew such as your family, delegate certain road trip tasks to your kids to give them a sense of importance and keep them engaged. Road-sign watcher, photo taker and refreshment monitor are all titles that can be divvied up between your darlings during the journey. After you’ve picked your pack, determine what to bring on board based on your destination, trip length and your posse-but leave most of the electronics at home.

With the prevalence of iGadgets, headphones are locked and loaded making a forcefield impermeable to meaningful conversation. Socializing with your comrades or family is one of the best and also most forgotten elements of a road trip, so make sure to put a ban on the electronics ahead of time and plan some car travel games instead.

However primitive they sound, road trip games are sure to bring a family some laughs and bonding time. I Spy requires a player to chose something from their surroundings and get the other person to guess what it is based solely on clues-before the item falls from their line of vision. Playing with license plates is another fun way to remedy electronic withdrawals. Call letters that you see on license plates in alphabetical order and the first one to ‘Z’ wins. Or speak up when you find plates from a different state before anyone else and keep record-whoever spots the most out of place plates wins.

To keep your head in the game, make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape and plan your route before you take off to avoid any cumbersome detours along the way. There’s nothing more aggravating than having something that was completely avoidable turn into something unavoidable while you’re looking to relax and rewind. Brian Hall, from Star Nissan in Niles, Illinois recommends that anyone going on a road trip should come to Star Nissan’s service center to get a free inspection before rolling out.

The joy of summer travel stems from the vehicle you’re treading in.The more you enjoy driving the vehicle you’re in, the smoother and sweeter the trip will seem-even if there are some potholes (metaphorically or literally) along the way. Danny Aguayo, who has been a salesman at Star Nissan in Niles, Illinois for 3 years, has already picked out his perfect road trip chariot and dream destination. “New Orleans,” he exclaims with a broad smile on his face. “..it’s summertime, you have to have fun,” he continues. Escorting him on his trip from chicago to New Orleans would be his choice roadtrip car, the Murano CrossCabriolet. His reasons range from the practical to the luxuriously showy features that this vehicle has to offer the modern day Lewis and Clark. “Lots of space in the back, you can take three friends with you, download music and it has navigation. And it has big, giant rims so you’re nice and flashy in New Orleans.” A pioneer in its own right, this all-wheel drive crossover can handle any terrain. Even if you decide to ditch the map, you can feel safe with its sporty, sturdy build.

Whether you’re mulling through a list of summer travel ideas, packing for the Big Easy or Sin City don’t fret, because with the right car and some preparation, you’re sure to have the time of your life without taking a gamble.


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Star Nissan

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