Lights, Camera, Nissan!


Movie stars fade over the years; Their once bright careers are replaced by new twinkles that soon outshine. But there’s one star who’s remained timeless, doesn’t demand too much on set and always arrives to work on time: the Nissan.

While it may roll under the radar when acting alongside of such big names as Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy, the Nissan surely is a seasoned star in its own right.

Roll-on roles the Nissan has appeared in are almost uncountable since starting acting in the ‘70s. Since bigger parts usually require a flashy exterior, the 370Z has appeared in The Green Hornet movie and the New “90210” television series. When Hollywood calls for an upscale family man, the reliable Altima arrives in style to such sets as “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Parenthood”. Voting for Vintage? The Nissan can still pull off a classic look and withstand the test of time which is why the 1969 Nissan Skyline store the scene in the  in the 2011 movie Fast Five.  While the Nissan can take on brutal action rolls like it did in Transformers: Dark- of the Moon and Fast Five, its softer side can surely be drawn out.

Exploring its feminine side, Nissan has appeared in the hit show “Desperate Housewives” as the 350Z roadster and the romantic comedy License to Wed, starring Robin Williams, as the Altima. When not driving Dr. Doolittle around, the Nissan is no diva off the set and trains for roles vigorously.

To make sure its at the top of its game, Nissan works out day and night before a new role. It’s tested on a simulated road that takes the vehicle to never-reached destinations, going thousands and thousands of miles without leaving the premises.  Once it’s done on the treadmill, it heads to the sauna which generates temperatures up to 140 degrees with 95% humidity. After the relaxing jaunt in the sauna, Nissan makes sure it will always be photogenic with a scrub that simulates 13 years of salt exposure. After going through up to 5000 durability and quality tests like these, it’s no wonder Nissan keeps getting call-backs.

Before its celebrity status in America, Nissan was just a youngster with big dreams living in Japan. Then going by the name Datsun, high-power producers soon saw the potential. With a name change and a little makeover in 1934, Nissan was ready for the spotlight. With its first appearance in Detroit, it was obvious that America was smitten with the young car too.

Nissan knows its roots which is why it works hard to stay a global phenomenon. So whether it’s the supporting role, taking on a cameo or acting as your main family vehicle, the Nissan gives its all in every part it plays.

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Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago


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