Keep Your Car Rolling Through Summer

Winter has finally thawed, leaving a spring in everyone’s step. But before applying a liberal dose of travel to the cabin fever stricken, drivers should also inspect the spring in their car’s ‘step’.  The suspension, the tires and the paint are all things to check and prepare in order to keep you and your car safe during warm-weather driving. While your car kept on trucking during the winter months, the severe cold can really take a toll on your vehicle.

While your car kept on trucking during the winter months, the severe cold can really take a toll on your vehicle. Since the cold months are especially hard on your car’s battery a technician at one of Berman Auto Group’s four dealerships should perform a load test to make sure it still has enough juice. The test results are given within minutes and determine if the battery is putting out at least 12 volts. If the reading is any less than 12 volts there’s a good chance you’ll soon have a 5,000 pound paper weight to deal with.

After hydrating your car with essential oils and fluids, it’s time to see how much of a toll rough winter roads took on your tires. Even if they seem like they’re ‘ready to roll’ they could probably use a bit of air after road warrior-ing though winter. Tires should also be rotated every 6000 miles to prevent premature wear, which in turn puts added stress on your engine.
You’ve had enough salt poured over your car to open a french fry joint and too much salt is not only questionable for your body-it’s also pretty bad for your car’s body. However with a bit of elbow grease and some other tools you can ensure that your car’s paint and undercarriage are resistant to rust this year.

Baking soda should be used under the car and around the tire areas to neutralize any corrosive materials stuck to the body. Even if it seems nothing is there, salt and some of his other corrosive cronies could be doing damage to your vehicle over time. After rinsing off the water and baking soda mix and a good thorough wash, a protective coating of wax should be polished on to the paint. Car wax not only helps protect against nicks and small scrapes, but it can also filter out damaging UV rays which dull your paint over time.

If you have any question about your vehicle, that nagging noise it’s making or a particular service, contact a technician from one of Berman Auto Group’s four dealerships around Chicagoland. Not only do they sell some of the best new and used cars Chicago has to offer, they have skilled technicians who are unbiased to brands and are able to help you with all your car concerns. Contact Star Nissan in Niles, Mid City Subaru Chicago, Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago or Mid City Nissan Chicago today.


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Star Nissan

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Car Rolling Through Summer

  1. This was a really cute, fun way to read about my car’s maintenance. thanks for the uplift…think i’ll go put some spring into my car.

  2. lol..:D “..enought salt open a french-fry joint”….

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