Trends Fade But the Subaru Remains Steady

Popularity of pop stars fizzle like a lukewarm soda, fall fashions trail off and leave a closet full of undesirable duds. It’s no wonder some people avoid mainstream trends like the plague. What’s desirable now is nonchalantly tossed aside tomorrow for something bigger and better, or in most cases surprisingly mediocre.

Credits: Kevin Abato

Vehicles are in no way immune to the hype that keeps the public hopping. The DeLorean DMC-12 flew in to the American spotlight in the 1980s and fluttered around the market with its wing-like doors until John DeLorean was arrested for drug trafficking. If only there was some way he could go back to the future and save the floundering brand from bankruptcy.

Hummers were known for their sturdy build and handling on rugged terrains and eventually, they crossed over from desert driving to city streets. The new king of the road was dethroned violently when gas prices throttled up to 4 dollars a gallon in 2008. Eventually the Hummer was considered less than economical in an economic crisis and has been struggling to maintain its tracking ever since. Trickling under the mainstream, the Subaru has been rolling out everything from planes to buses since 1915. Of course it’s not a huge buzz brand in America, but after other fashionable models crashed and burned, Subaru is happy being ‘untrendy’. Subaru is deeply rooted in transportation, starting out as an aircraft research laboratory in 1915. Subaru spent the next 40-something years merging with and acquiring other groups and eventually, FHI or Fuji Heavy Industries had the stars align, and Subaru was officially founded.

After taking the name ‘Subaru’ which is a Japanese word for the star cluster Pleiades, the founders of Subaru wanted to pay homage to their past by designing their new logo with their history in mind. The six-stared symbol we know today represents the 6 different groups that merged together to form Subaru, which also means ‘unite’ in Japanese. Eventually, Subaru emigrated to the USA where it landed in dealerships like Mid City Subaru Chicago.

But throughout its history in America the Subaru has happily remained low key, never a huge star means never having to deal with a supernova explosion. “Steady and dependable”, Subaru owners praise their vehicles to the moon and back but Subaru still takes a backseat in recognizably to vehicles of lesser quality. “Subaru’s are excellent cars. We have a 2007 Subaru Legacy and it is the best car we have ever owned. Performance, ride, AND, sportiness-everything about the car is absolutely outstanding,” says dorado0359. With praises like these, who needs to worry about fast-fading trends-surely not Subaru.

2012 Subaru Legacy


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Star Nissan

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