Get Up and Go!

Clank, click, thurrrrrt, vrooooom! Putting your new car key in the ignition for the first time to listen to the engine purr is exciting. However, driving it off the lot to park it in front of your house is slightly less exciting.

The car handles like dream, shifting is smooth you love testing the horsepower as you peel off from the stop light, cruising at a glorious five miles over the speed limit. Rebel. One of the main reasons that new car caught your eye was because of its sleek exterior styling, but the reason you fell in love with it, was because the way it drove and the way it made you feel when you drove it.

Work and back, grocery store-sure you drive your new car all the time, but even your car is bored of the same donut shop on the right and that creepy abandoned building on the left.
It’s time to take your car out for spin-to see new sites and hug the curves of a new winding road. Put the cell phone down, tiptoe out of the house quietly, reeve the engine loudly and go; drive. The top’s down and the sun is shining, the glint of adventure is in your hair and the wind is in your eyes. Ok, put the top up then and feel how revitalizing a good drive can be.


If you’re around the Chicago area and a ring-around-the-loop just isn’t the awe inspiring drive you’re looking for after the umpteenth time, check out Lincoln Memorial Highway. The nation’s first major memorial to the Illinois figurehead is mostly an old two-lane highway without the frills of a newer major route. Driver’s presence on the road is greeted by the past in a historical stretch of concrete which was the inspiration for the country’s modern highway system.

Navigate through nature with Paw Paw Woods Preserve in Palos Township, Illinois. Taking Willow Springs Road through the picturesque fauna releases drivers from the bindings of the city bustle. Winding roads take motorist by multiple sloughs, fabulous foliage and even a scenic cemetery.

Cheese heads, Motorheads and Chicagoans can all agree that gallivanting on Michigan’s West coast provides some amazing scenery. Hugging Lake Michigan along its path, the Blue Star Highway lets drivers ride along the world’s longest freshwater coastline and provides beautiful scenery no matter the season.

If your car doesn’t have that get-up-and-go, getting up and going anywhere becomes a dreaded hassle. Even if you can’t get out and explore uncharted territory, with the right car the most mundane motives are given new life. Go to the store in your new 2013 Nissan Altima from Star Nissan, go to grocery store in your new Infiniti JX35 and turn heads cruising the parking lot. Have fun driving anywhere with a new vehicle from Berman’s Auto Group-test drive a new vehicle today and get a taste of what it’s like to drive excited.
Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago
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