Berman Auto Group’s Hail Sale is on Now

Credits: Arydiiii

Wicked weather worked its way through the Chicagoland area on May 3rd, 2012. While spring showers are fine for May flowers, your vehicles can be negatively affected by the same process that puts Chicago in bloom.

While owners know that their vehicle’s appearance and value are put in danger daily, on May 3rd around 6 p.m., most Chicagoans found themselves scrambling for car cover.

Unlucky for Berman’s Auto Group, but lucky for our community Star Nissan, Mid City Nissan and Mid City Subaru employees couldn’t scramble fast enough to protect the aesthetics of their automobiles as the sky practiced it’s pitching arm. As hail rocked the area, much of Berman Auto Group’s inventory was left with damage that is now saving customers thousands of dollars.

Measured around the size of a melon, the world’s largest hail stones caused major, irreparable damage to crops and other properties around the Oklahoma area in 2011. Fortunately, the hail that made its way to Star Nissan, Mid City Nissan and Mid City Subaru was much less substantial. Hail stores around the size of quarters would occasionally plunk on to new and used vehicles stranded in lots leaving small dings in the body and huge dents in prices. Come in to one of our 3 hail-damaged locations for incredibly low prices on our vehicle inventory today. The offers are first come first serve, so don’t delay.

Star Nissan, Niles Illinois; Mid City Nissan Chicago; Mid City Subaru, Chicago


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago

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Berman’s Auto Group owns four premiere new and used car dealerships in Chicago: Mid City Nissan, Star Nissan, Mid City Subaru and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago. 


One thought on “Berman Auto Group’s Hail Sale is on Now

  1. lol….it’s funny, but it’s not. i mean the hail. i mean, for pete’s sake…the size of a melon??? that’s just mom nature getting carried away.

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