Infiniti IPL G Coupe: A New Breed of Beautiful

The 2012 Infiniti IPL G Coupe at Berman’s Infiniti Chicago

It comes to life in the light. It glistens and dazzles the eye as each facet catches the sun’s rays and takes it for a beautiful, shimmering ride. The diamond has some serious competition since the 2012 Infiniti IPL G Coupe showed up at Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago.

Adorned with a Malbec Black finish- it’s a moody deep black in the shade, but it’s a whole other animal in the spotlight. Once the light hits the body, a deep and rich eggplant shade is revealed topped off with multi-colored flecks that bring multi-dimensional elements to the surface.

Flecks of rich, rusty gold mix with specs of fiery red and blend smoothly into the deep purple creating a starry night unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Malbec Black finish on the IPL G Coupe

Under the dazzling finish lies a vehicle that embraces luxury and embodies performance. An acronym for Infiniti Performance Line there is no doubt this sporty IPL G coupe lives up to its title. The Infiniti Performance Line strives to be bigger, better and stronger than the rest with a boost in horsepower, bigger breaks and better suspension.

Decked out with the limited edition “Graphite Interior” and the aerodynamic sport kit, this beautiful machine is also intelligent including Infiniti’s navigation package, Infiniti Studio on Wheels and a rear sonar system with rear-view monitor.

If you want a beauty that performs like a beast, call Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago at 312-476-8000  to test drive the 2012 IPL Coupe today!

Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago
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One thought on “Infiniti IPL G Coupe: A New Breed of Beautiful

  1. i would like this car. can you deliver it? seriously….it’s on my wish list.

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