Preserve New Vehicles with the Right Accessories and Parts


Getting the keys is only the first step

New cell phone? Prowl online retailers to find the perfect case. New kitten? Lug a bag of food home and some squeaky toys you’ll cringe at months down the road. Buy a new car? Find a place to park it. We’ll personalize our phones and accessorize our kittens, but for the most part our new cars are left on the backburner because of costs already incurred.

Of course getting a new phone and a new car are two different cans O’worms, but there are similarities that needlessly disconnect the minds of phone fans and car crooners. While you’re busy perusing the aisles to find as many cool cases and screen protectors before your new communication companion comes home with you, there’s no state of urgency to protect your car before driving off the lot. Just as your new phone needs some gear to keep it pristine, your new vehicle should come home with a few accessories too. While not everything you pick up for your pickup is going to be glamorous or fun to buy, the idea of beating Murphy’s Law to the punch should be worth it.

Berman’s Auto Group recently opened their online parts stores to the public allowing customers to decide what accessories and necessities are best for their vehicles in a no-haggle environment.


Shopping is easy too-browse the virtual aisles filled with genuine parts by car model or by the type of part needed, then continue to the speedy and secure checkout. Once your payment is processed and the delivery is made, you can choose to install the new part yourself or come in and have it installed to get a 12 month-12000 mile factory warranty on the part.

Spending a bit more money on your new Nissan Maxima from Mid City Nissan after you buy it seems unnecessary and gratuitous, but accessories that keep you safe and your car in mint condition means some drivers are just going to have to grin and charge it.

Floor mats protect the interior of your new Infiniti G37 coupe from everyday wear and tear, dirt, moisture and other crusty conundrums that can get on your floor. Mats are often overlooked as trivial accessories but flimsy filler mats don’t always stay in place, last as long or suck up as much scum as high-quality ones.  It’s a tough job and standard floor mats don’t always cut it, so make the upgrade to keep the value of your car as high as possible for trade-ins down the road.

Without a garage to come home to, a new vehicle is a neon sign welcoming dings, dents and dirty looks. Environmental factors such as UV rays, bird bombs and tree sap can all zap the shine from your new paint coat. Covering your vehicle in a tarp is one way to protect your vehicle from everyday hazards a street parker can accumulate, but can it can be a hassle to tuck your car in every night. A nose mask can be a great and stylish way to protect the front of your car from dings and dents, while a sealant spray can lengthen the life of your paint all over by putting a barrier between the paint and environmental predators.

You can purchase these on your own or have the job professionally done at one of Berman Auto Group’s four locations around Chicago; Star Nissan, Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago, Mid City Nissan or Mid City Subaru.
While Berman’s Auto Group offers some of the safest vehicles on the market, securing your safety a bit more never hurts. A first-aid kit from Star Nissan includes all a driver needs to be prepared for less than ideal situations on the go.
All aspects of your car need attention, from bumper to bumper there are accessories out there designed to maintain the value and durability of your vehicle. While not all of them are necessary, there are some that will make a difference in convenience and value, ultimately it’s up to you to decide what its worth and how much your new car is worth to you.


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago

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Berman’s Auto Group owns four premiere new and used car dealerships in Chicago: Mid City NissanStar NissanMid City Subaru and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago. 


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