Berman’s Donation to Help Area College Go Green

In an effort to increase the availability of public charging infrastructure for electric cars like the Nissan LEAF, Nissan North America, Inc. has donated a level 2 charging station to Wright College in Northwest Chicago, with installation fully-funded by Berman’s Auto Group.

In honor of the donation, Wright will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, July 9, at 1 p.m. in the D parking lot.

In attendance will be Wright College President Jim Palos, 36th Ward Alderman Tim Cullerton, Paul Minahan, regional marketing manager for Nissan North America and Berman’s Auto Group owner, Mike Berman. Wright College staff and faculty have also been invited to attend.

While fuel costs may be down at the pumps for a bit, it’s only a matter of time before some ripple in the petrol pond causes a wave of intolerable prices again. Electric vehicles and their equally charged accessories are poised to save people thousands of dollars in fuel cost per year. With this onsite charging station, Berman’s Auto Group hopes to help students and teachers alike save thousands and at the same time become a potent tool in educating the community and students about the power of ‘going green’.

Berman’s Auto Group hopes to inspire other businesses to help in the Chicago green initiative because the young minds of today are dependent on the quality of tomorrow.

Rachel Lemieux
Berman’s Auto Group owns four premiere new and used car dealerships in Chicago including: Mid City Nissan, Star Nissan, Mid City Subaru, and Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago.


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