Nissan: Connected to Your World

Call the school to make sure Jonny is registered, check the local drugstore to see if the right calculator is still in stock for Sally. Make an appointment for a physical while checking the status of the Justin Beiber concert tickets for Susie all while watching Bobby at his first Jr. High football practice. Whew!

This is the generation of now, the generation of being connected and connecting to get things done wherever we go. And we are always going, so phone companies have catered to our on-the-go-goals and made our lives mobile. No longer do we have to be at home to make our important calls, pay the bills or watch our favorite show, nor do we have to miss our child’s practice because of our own ‘homework’. With the introduction of the iPhone our lives have been forever changed.

An iForgot my phone results in a frantic trip back home and a deep investigation of news status updates and missed messages upon retrieval. Without a cell phone in the pocket, purse or up to the ear we can hear our connective clocks ticking- so that’s why Nissan integrated the way we use our phones with the way we use our Nissans.

When it comes to environmental automotive trends, the LEAF is obviously blowing through the competition. Built to leave no environmental ‘tire prints’, the all-electric LEAF is 99% recyclable and 100% connected to the world thanks to its collaboration with the iPhone. The iPhone 4s connects effortlessly to the LEAF’s USB audio input jack and even charges while smoothly playing your favorite tunes. No need to be a technical wizard because just like magic once the phone is connected, album and song info spread across the LEAF’s multifunctional display allowing for effortless transitions between playlists and tracks.
Ready to get connected with no strings attached? Turn on Bluetooth and play your music through the wireless signal.

CARWINGS subscribers can also connect to their car in ways never before possible with the new Nissan LEAF app. Not only can owners check the status of a battery charge, they can also be alerted as to when the battery’s charge will be complete via the app. After charging, users are updated with an estimated driving range for the vehicle. Even more impressive, the app can modify the climate control system to ensure the perfect in-vehicle weather before getting in.

SIRI is ground-breaking phone feature that allows users to ask question and receive answers from the intuitive personal assistant within the iPhone. With Bluetooth connectivity on the 2013 Nissan Alima, SIRI is now a hands-free endeavor allowing drivers to check sports stats and order carryout without too many dangerous shifty-eyes or complicated leg steering. Computer masterminds have already figured out how to sweet talk SIRI into unlocking car doors and even starting the car so it’s only a matter of time before this technology steers into the mainstream with future iPhone updates.

As time passes, technology is only getting more impressive and more prevalent and Nissan knows that the relationship between your phone and your car should be a close one. We can only wonder as to what’s next in the beautifully connected relationship, especially with the iPhone 5 on the verge of release, but rest assured, when you buy a Nissan you’re your investing in the future of technology and the compatibility of connectivity. Drive connected, Drive Nissan.

Find out more about how to connect your iPhone or even Android to your Nissan call or stop by Star Nissan or  Mid City Nissan today!

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Star Nissan: 847-647-1555

Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago
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