Thirteen Cars and Thirty-Some Pounds

Some swear miracles can happen, but when two miracles happen to the same family, you might just call them lucky.

Jeffrey’s amazing 4 month transformation.

Whether it’s divine intervention or a stroke of luck, it’s completely arguable but the Garber family isn’t arguing-they’re just thankful. They’re thankful for a certain car brand and diet plan that changed their lives forever.

After his wife of 34 years, Bobbi, was diagnosed with diabetes a little over a year ago, Jeffrey Garber knew something had to change. Searching for the solution, he spoke to some friends who were on a meal replacement program called ViSalus.

“One of the stores that we do business with, the store owner lost a lot weight and we didn’t recognize her,” said Jeffrey.
“She said she might have a potential answer for you- and we started talking about it,” he continued.

Skeptical but grasping at straws his wife, Bobbi, decided to give the ViSalus plan a shot.
“Bobbi tasted it and loved it and the weight just fell right off,” said Jeffrey.

The gluten-free, sugar-free powder mixed in with her milk everyday helped Bobbi lose over 30lbs in about 3 months. Even more miraculous than a diabetic losing that much weight in a relatively short period of time is the number the program did to her glucose numbers. With a deadly high of 287, her elevated blood sugar levels were transformed to a normal 118 since being on the program.

“She looks great and has more energy,” Jeffrey said of his wife’s ViSalus makeover.
When her husband saw the results, he said, “Ok, you win” and gave the program a shot himself.
ViSalus didn’t take more than a month to begin remodeling his waistline, and it soon transformed his life as well.

Calling the Garbers a brand-loyal family is an understatement. Huge Nissan fans, the Garber family has owned about 13 Nissan vehicles in the last decade and a half, all from Star Nissan in Niles, Illinois. Their current car on heavy rotation is the Nissan Sentra for reasons tied to their brand loyalty for ViSalus.

After Jeffrey lost 34 lbs in about 4 months and two full waste sizes the whole family was sold on the program. Anxious to show others across America this miraculous change in their health and profiles, the on-the-go family decided to start promoting the plan while traveling around the country for their day job.

For 16 years Jeffrey and Bobbi had made a living selling alpaca sweaters, scarves and 100% percent waterproof raincoats for women to high-end boutiques across the U.S.A. and they used Nissans from Star Nissan to help them get there. “We had difficulty with other automobile brands working. But working with Star- they made the process easy when buying a car isn’t always easy,” Jeffrey said when asked why he continues to buy Nissans from Star.

In the last 12 years the Garbers have welcomed about 13 Nissans into their family and have loved them all. The Pathfinder went with his son to college, the wife gets treated to luxury in their Maxima while the other kids drive the Altima because “it’s a great car for young people,” says Jeffrey.

A while back, on a cold night in eastern Ohio the weather conjured up some dangerous driving conditions. As Jeffrey and his son drove along the highway, they were met with a patch of black ice that took them careening into a ravine. After flipping their vehicle 3 times and landing upside down, their Murano was totaled, but they both walked away from the accident.

“The car was totaled but it just really held everything up”, says Jeffrey recalling the incident. “The Murano, that’s really been my favorite. It saved my life in that auto wreck.”
After the accident, his loyalty to Nissan grew and he continued to make purchases at Star Nissan. “I’m thinking the 2013 Altima will be our next buy,” he says pondering the new Nissan lineup. But for now, he and his family are counting on the extremely fuel-efficient Sentra to get them across the country for work and to help them share their miracle, ViSalus.

While he’s rarely at home, Jeffrey couldn’t imagine doing anything else with his life and he loves seeing the weight loss, and life-changing results in others.
“One of our dear friends that had diabetes found that her sugar count had come way down along with her weight. She shed about 40 lbs. She just came up and hugged Bobbi and I and said ‘thank you’”.

With alpaca sweaters, scarves and 100% waterproof raincoats packed in his Nissan Sentra alongside his life-changing ViSalus, Jeffrey doesn’t plan on stopping the crusade any time soon. “I will tell you that I’ll keep doing this as long the wheels turn.”

If you’d like to check out ViSalus for yourself head on over to for more information.
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