Nissan Employee Goes Green Thanks to Purchase Program

It’s one thing to work for a company but it’s another thing altogether to actually use that same company’s product.

It speaks volumes for any brand when the people behind it actually get behind it, and that’s just what Nick Vazquez an employee at Star Nissan in Niles Illinois is doing.

Nick and his new LEAF at Star Nissan

Vazquez, 24 has been a loyal employee at star Nissan for 8 years and a huge car enthusiast for most of his life. Starting out as a porter at Star, his love for cars and his dedication to work eventually led him to the position of Parts Manager at the Niles, Illinois store.

He came into work on Tuesday, August 27th  with his ’97 Maxima and with the help of Star Nissan and a discount from Nissan USA’s Vehicle Purchase Program he rolled out the environmentally friendly way in his new Nissan LEAF from Star Nissan.

While he never originally considered the LEAF for a personal vehicle because he didn’t think it had enough power, he quickly warmed up to the car after driving it.

Taking his shiny black LEAF on its maiden voyage he admits to testing the speed a bit down Interstate 90. “It gave more than I expected.  I expected it to have less power,” he said.

Aside from the unexpected power in the all-electric vehicle he is also pleasantly surprised with the technology the LEAF offers.

“I use the LEAF app and I like that I can do the climate control from the phone,” he said. The Nissan LEAF app is available for download in the Apple App Store and once installed on both the phone and vehicle, users can control temperatures in the LEAF remotely using the iPhone.

Loving the LEAF more and more each day, Nick would recommend the car to people who drive around the city a lot and says it’s extremely easy to charge up. “Just plug it in and it charges automatically.”

But more than anything, Nick is really happy about the idea of saving money thanks to the 100% electric LEAF which gets over 110 miles per charge. “I really like the idea of not having to pay for gas for a while.”

If you have any questions about the 99% recyclable Nissan LEAF or the Vehicle Purchase Program, contact Berman’s Auto Group at 847-647-1555.


Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group Chicago

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