Berman’s Auto Group Employee of the Month: Dan Hong

          We’re Not Just Sales People-We’re Real People

Dan Hong

There’s a bond that ties people together, and it’s thicker than blood. This tie is commonality. Whether that commonalty is the same blood line, passions or goals, our September/October employee of the month makes it clear that family is defined by more than just Webster’s Dictionary and strands of DNA.

Microscopic results aren’t needed to see that similarities between people work to form bonds that expand family outside of the scientific definition.

While Berman’s Auto Group is a family-owned business, most of their employees are not blood relatives. Despite this, there’s common love for cars and a passion for helping people that ties everyone in the company together from all walks of life.

“There’s a huge family-like atmosphere here, it’s one of the reasons I like working here,” says Dan Hong, an employee at Berman’s Auto Group.

For the last two years Dan has been putting his computer literacy to work for the company, curing computer viruses and breathing life back into random blue screens of death. But that’s just part of what makes him important, and just part of what makes him a member of the Berman family.

When you call in for a new car, or call in about a special that appeared online, one of the first people you’ll probably come in contact with is Dan. Dan works in the BDC department and when his technical side isn’t in service, he boots up his personal side to take care of every vehicle inquiry that comes his way, via phone or email.

In his junior year at Berman’s Auto Group, Dan knows that treating each customer like family takes seniority and he makes sure that each contact is taken care of as if they were. And it’s no coincidence that outside of work, Dan treats everyone around him like family too-weather they technically are or not.

While the couple wasn’t yet married, Dan already considered his brother In Sun’s girlfriend a sister and loved to cultivate his culinary know-how by hosting dinners and other get-togethers for them.

Dan and Darline enjoying the weather

Sure of their fait together, Dan expected Darline Abesamis and In Sun to eventually walk down the aisle together. But that fait was twisted the night In Sun, Darline and her cousin decided to take a business trip to New Orleans two years ago.

“My brother had a clothing company and they were driving their work van down to New Orleans to make a delivery. Darlene was cold so she got up to get her sweater in the back. She sat back down and forgot to put her seatbelt on,” Dan recalls.

Her cousin, weary of his travels, fell asleep at the wheel and eventually woke up to the van careening off road. He over-steered and the van flipped- ejecting Darlene through the windshield resulting in a severed spinal cord and several other injuries.

Dan’s brother was also injured in the accident, coming away with a fractured sternum. “Even though he was in a lot of pain, he was always by her side. And even though she can’t walk, he’s still with her today,” says Dan with a smile.

It doesn’t matter if the method of getting down the aisle for one has changed, Dan is now even more certain of the couple’s destiny together.

“I want to help her out as much as I can, because she’s pretty much my sister.” Dan says of his involvement in Sky Rise Chicago.

“We’re part of a group tackling Willis Tower for Sky Rise Chicago, we’re called T-10 risers, since that’s the vertebrae Darline had severed,” Dan explains.

Each of the T-10 members has their own tasks, and while Dan’s is to raise as much money for the team, Darlene is one of their team’s racers, climbing 103 flights of stairs virtually through a hand-pedaling machine stationed on ground level.

Darline racing after her injury 

“You know, she’s helped me out too, she’s inspirational because even despite of her physical condition, she’s always positive and that gets me through every day.”

And every day Dan comes into work, he looks forward to helping customers find their perfect vehicle.

“I like dealing with customers over the phone and finally getting to meet them face to face when they come in to get their car. It’s nice because they’ll say, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you after talking on the phone for so long.’ It feels good, you know?”

With his penchant for cars and friendly demeanor it’s clear whether you’re a co-worker, friend or even a customer, to Dan- you’re family.

hether you’re a co-worker, friend or even a customer, to Dan- you’re family.

If you’d like to contact Dan call 847-642-1555 today!


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