Mid City Nissan Transforms Into Polling Place for 2012 Elections

Republican red or Democrat blue, whichever color your blood runs, it all eventually flows into the collective sea of red, white and blue. The Nation, founded on a patriotic note carried that tune into Election Day 2012 with a final crescendo to the polling places. With their rights to vote in tow, citizens came out to Mid City Nissan to cast their ballots and create patriotic harmony despite partisan differences or car-brand preference.


Voters cast their ballots at Mid City Nissan (Nov. 6, 2012)

Today we all know that Obama will indeed remain in the White House, while yesterday a question mark hung over the United States like a cartoon thought bubble. Divided in politics, but united in the quest for a better nation, voters by the hundreds lined up at Mid City Nissan on November 6, 2012 to make sure their voices were heard. “The turnout is really good. We’ve been busy all morning,” said one of the 7 election judges at Mid City Nissan, Thomas M. Scanlan. Thomas and the other judges comprised of two students and a mix of Republicans and Democrats provided ballots and ensured things went smoothly for voters during the day.

Local residents in the 6th and 7th precinct of Chicago were used to voting at a church down the road for past elections; however, the location switch up didn’t seem to bother voters. “What difference does it make as long as you can get out and vote,” says long-time voter Narcissa Cummings.

First-time voter Maritza Delado never imagined she’d be voting in a car dealership. “I didn’t think there’d be voting here. I was expecting an abandoned location, or a school or church. But this is good because of the location, people know this place.”

About one dozen new Nissans in the Mid City Nissan showroom were pushed out the door to make way for voting booths and tables, but the two Nissans that remained in the showroom did manage to catch the eyes of passing voters. The noticeable gravitational pull of the one 2013 Nissan Rouge left in the showroom caused some voters to orbit around once before final departure. Out of everyone who came to Mid City to cast their ballots, some even happened to be long-time fans of the Nissan brand.

“I’ve had my Sentra for 12 years,” said Narcissa. “It all comes down to practicality, it’s a small car but I can still pack the people in and it’s a pretty car,” she continues. First-time voter Maritza Delado also has a Nissan in the family- two to be exact. “They’re good cars, they don’t break down as much as other brands,” she said.

Making sure not to bother voters, sales consultants at Mid City Nissan took a relaxed approach to the change of pace. “It’s just another day here, if someone is interested in a vehicle that’s fine. If they aren’t that’s fine too. Today, we’re about being a beacon for the community and doing our part when we can, not selling cars,” said sales consultant Derik Strenzel.

“We’re just excited to open the door to our community,” said Executive General Manger Chuck Settles.

No matter car-brand preference or political affiliation citizens filtered through those open doors by the hundreds, all of them hoping for the same thing: A better tomorrow.

Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group
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