December’s Employee Spotlight: Desi Zamora

We’re Not Just Sales People, We’re Real People


Desi preparing food at Cornerstone Community Center


There’s something special about the holidays. Even though there’s a chill in the air, the car doesn’t always start and the shower doesn’t get hot right away, there’s still warmth in people that carries them through the winter months. It’s the spirit of the season that leads us to flip a coin in the red bucket, smile at a stranger or even donate time to help those in need like Mid City Nissan employee, Desi Zamora did.

With youngsters depending on him for memories that will shape them tomorrow, being a single father of three is no easy task, especially on Thanksgiving. With three times the photo albums to fill and three times the mouths to feed, Desi could have easily spent this Thanksgiving wishing for more or worrying about the future. He instead decided to set a great example for his children ages 3, 5 and 7 by using his day off to warm the hearts and the bellies of those less fortunate at the Cornerstone Community Center in Uptown.

“I do want them to follow my good examples and good deeds, holiday or not. I’m even hoping to one day bringing my eldest with me when I volunteer,” he says. Desi is already planning his Christmas volunteer time, hoping to work with Little Brothers which puts its volunteers to work in retirement homes.

As November 27th marks his one year anniversary with Berman’s Auto Group, Desi has already started to fill up his own mental memory book and he looks forward to filling many more pages at Mid City Nissan.

“I remember my customers, especially the ones that mailed me thank you cards. Some have even written letters to Nissan complimenting me. I remember a nice lady who dropped me off a fresh batch for cookies she just baked,” he recalls.

At any given time if you were to peer into Desi’s office, you’d see him behind a computer screen with a phone up to his ear working to finding the perfect vehicle for the customer on the other end of the line. When customers call or send an email into Mid City Nissan, Desi is there on the other side to handle the inquiries, pricing and appointments.

“I make sure that before my internet customers stop in, I do what’s necessary to make their visits more personalized and seamless,” he says with a smile.

While his customers appreciate his hard work with cookies and notes, management at Mid City Nissan have also taken notice and collaborate with Desi to make Mid City the best car-buying experience.

“I am in an atmosphere where my opinions count, management listens to my concerns or ideas and they trust my decisions,” he says.

For Desi, nothing’s more important than family despite the storms of stress it can bring on. But this year it was no longer just Desi plus three since he had Mid City Nissan to lean on.

“Given the position I’m in raising kids on my own; any adjustments I need to make, they will always work with me,” he says with a look of relief on his face.

Desi walked into Mid City Nissan one year ago looking for a new beginning and a better life for his kids but also ended up finding an extended family in the staff at Mid City Nissan. “I work with a great team here at Mid City, we have great comradery, it gives you a sense of a family-like culture here,” he said.

Whether the thought of spending time with relatives makes you warm and fuzzy or makes you put the antacids in your eggnog, we can all agree that a little quality time with the family (extended or otherwise) during the holidays is the stuff memories are made of.


Handing out food on Thanksgiving

If you’d like to speak to Desi or ask him about any new or used Nissan deals, call 773-282-6200 today!



Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group

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