Berman Auto Group Helps Feed My Starving Children

Withthe daily flow of city traffic adding to our hectic city life, it’s often easy to forget that other countries are completely stagnant with destitution. Often times, it’s refreshing to take time out of our own lives to help the lives of others because in the process we can learn to appreciate just how good we really have it- even if we’re not moving on the Edens.

Taking a breather from their normally busy routines, a small group of representing the Berman Auto Group volunteered their time with the Feed My Starving Children organization.

Mary, Elaine, Ken and work to make the food packs


Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children has been working as a nonprofit group to provide nutritionally complete meals for malnourished and hungry people in close to 70 countries.

During their volunteer time, Berman Auto Group’s CFO, Elaine Swift, Inventory Manager, Ken Swift, Todd Berman, Mary Joyce and Human Resources Manager, Sonia Schmidt worked to turn a fortified formula into special prepackaged meals to be delivered around the world. The Berman group managed to pack 52 boxes full with their efficient assembly line setup consisting of Sonia sealing bags, Todd working to pack the boxes and the others switching between duties like mixing the formula.
In all, one packed box contains 36 food bags  meaning that with the 52 boxes they produced  these volunteers managed to pack enough food to feed  around 34 children for up to 8 years.
Before the packing, the group watched a video about the organization and the hunger felt world-wide.

Sonia couldn’t fathom some of the haunting imagery she saw,  recalling a particularly haunting scene while shaking her head, “In some countries mothers will take actual mud and mold it into a patty to feed it to their children before bed so they don’t go to bed with hunger pains,” she said.

Along with their time, the Berman Auto Group also donated 250 dollars to their foundation and since each “MannaPack’ meal from Feed My Starving Children costs a mere 22 cents to produce, the amount will keep thousands from going to bed with a gnawing hunger.

Despite their hard work, Todd Berman said that they all still had a great time and that they hope to return soon. “Every time we had a box packed we had to do a team cheer to get someone to come take away the box.”It’s was really a lot of fun actually! “.If you have any questions about Feed My Starving Children or would like to make a donation please visit their websitehere!

Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group
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