Meet the Number One Nissan Sales Consultant in the District: Adelita Fific

“I was scared of my own shadow”, said Adelita Fific recalling her first few days selling cars.

Starting at Mid City Nissan in 2006, Adelita never imagined just how far she’d come in just a few short  years with the company.


Adelita Fific, Mid City Nissan

In 1999, pregnant and scared, she moved from the turmoil in Bosnia to Chicago with the help of her sister. “I didn’t know a lick of English”, she said recalling the journey.

Not letting her adversities define her, Adelita assimilated herself into the American way of life and started work at Mid City Nissan.

“I had no experience…but they just told me to go in and have fun,” she recalled.

Her initial fear soon turned into a compelling drive to excel after she sold her first car, a 2006 Armada.

“I was 6 feet tall and bulletproof”, she said remembering the moment. After a few years on the sales floor, she began to develop her own goals and her own  solid sales mantra: “Speak clearly, answer intelligently and listen silently,” she says.

 “Every time you sell to a customer don’t forget them. They chose you out of 15,000 other sales people. Always remember and stay grateful.” Her  positive outlook sure seems to be working as she was recently crowned the top Nissan sales associate in the district.  Being number one out of 188 other people would prompt others to sit back and relax, but for Adelita it’s still not enough. “Being on top drives me to do better”, she said of her success.

 Also ranked 9th out of 2041 for sales in the region, part of her success relates to the bonds she forms with the people who come into her life. She sees each person who comes into the dealership as a potential friend, and chance to form a lifetime relationship. “There are people who bought 7 or 8 cars from me. They’re more than a customer. I know their friends, their family…they are family,” she says.

 When asked which customer sticks out in her mind as her favorite she thoughtfully replied that it was impossible to asnwer, “Every sale has its story and it would be selfish of me to pick just one.”

 The respect she has for her customers even flows over to her coworkers, noting that’s its just as important to be nice and get a long with the people you work with.  Coincidentally, mere seconds after saying this, one of her coworkers brought in a giant bouquet of flowers to celebrate her birthday. “See? Be nice to your coworkers and they’ll bring you flowers”, she said with a laugh.


Rachel Lemieux
Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group
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