Why Like Us on Facebook?

Berman’s Auto Group Facebook Pages
We know you take a lot of pride in the people and organizations you friend and like on Facebook. That random guy from the bar doesn’t get a spot, your annoying classmate from high school surely doesn’t and even your mom and dad may be banned from your seeing your profile pics!
If all these people find it tricky to pass through your virtual bouncer why on earth should your car should dealership be any different?
Because we’re fun and we care about you!
Instead of boastful status updates and unimportant photos of your neighbor’s new blender, we’re bringing you an eclectic mix of news, fun posts and money-saving ads!
The Early Bird Gets the Worm:
“Liking” our Facebook  page gives fans insider info on vehicle specials that haven’t yet been released to the general public. That means our loyal fans are sure to get the vehicle they want when they want it.
In addition to seeing specially-priced vehicles, absurd discounts and low leases before anyone else, we’ll also keep you saving cash with service specials and coupons designed to keep your vehicle in top condition for less!
Knowledge is Power:
Our pages start with local dealership news and branch out to a more broad view of top industry trends. Our Facebook pages cover everything from new product launches to happenings around Chicago and  surrounding areas. We’re here to let you know what’s new with our dealerships and your favorite car brand.  Weather we’re posting helpful articles on vehicle maintenance or dishing the details of a new car launch, our Facebook page is the first place to check for insider info.
Get to Know Us:
Our Facebook page allows customers and potential customers alike to see us working behind the scenes with intimate photos of our staff at the dealership and serving the community. Don’t buy a car from another anonymous dealership, get to know us and stay in touch via our page!
Communicate With Us:
Our pages are constantly being monitored, updated and tended to, so if you leave a comment or want to shoot us a suggestion, we will see it and respond! Have a question about pricing or just want to say ‘hello’? We will answer the same day! We want you to be a part of the Berman family and staying connected with us through our Facebook page is the easiest way to keep family ties strong! We can’t wait to hear from you!
Our page is about you too!
As much as we like to tell you about us, we also want to hear about you! If you bought an awesome new car from us and you can’t contain your excitement, shoot us a picture and we’ll post it to our page that same day! When you’re proud and happy, so are we!
Just got back from a 5-day road trip in your new Nissan, Subaru or Infiniti? We’re just as excited as you are to see the pictures! Send us some shots and watch us make a Facebook photo gallery staring YOU! The more you’re involved the better we are, so don’t hesitate to tell us or show us why you love your Berman’s Auto Group vehicle.
Fun for All:
We are proud to announce some fun new weekly features being added to our pages that can help you earn a little extra cash while having a blast. Use your creative cunning to enter our weekly “Contest Corner”. Usually featured on Wednesdays, these posts include a fun picture to comment, caption or guess on. Your comment guarantees a chance at winning our prizes, but even if you don’t win you can still have fun showing off your crafty answers.
We’re proud of how many vehicles we have on the road and we’re proud to have you as a customer! That’s why on Fridays our new featured post called “Berman’s Car Candids” contains a photo of a Berman’s Auto Group vehicle spotted in the wild. If you find your car featured in this post, let us know on our page and you can win awesome prizes!
Other weekly series include our “Street View of the Week” where we show you an interesting site from Google’s famous Street View.  Whether it’s a guy with a cat on his head or a house with a giant spider scaling the walls, this feature is anything but dull, giving you the view from the passenger’s seat while at home!
Join us today at any OR ALL of our Facebook pages below and help us stay connected to you!

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