Nissan Knows Where you Want to Go: Nissan Navigation System


Nissan Navigation System from the 2013 Nissan Altima

If it weren’t for gas station directions, we may not have made it anywhere decades ago. But now, with the prevalence of navigation systems we find our direction in ways we never before imagined. Whether it’s a new coffee place in a quite spot outside the city or a hotspot for dancing the night away, our navigation systems can  show us a great time and take us some place unexpected.

Branded with the Nissan name, Nissan navigation systems are known for their advanced technology and reliability. Be sure that there’s no sink or swim when finding a new route with Nissan. While some other external navigation sources may take you out to shore, the Nissan system will never leave you stranded.

Nissan Navigation saves. It saves you two valuable assets including one that you can never get back and one that you worked hard to earn: Time and money.

Nissan navigation works hard to find the best route for you. Traffic that ticks time away is avoided as Nissan updates directions based on live traffic updates, helping you avoid the traffic as others continue to blindly jam up sticky situations

With all of the different “route type” options available, you can keep more cash in your pocket because the system looks for the most efficuent route for your needs. Even with the amazing gas mileage of the Sentra, Altima or 2014 rogue, Nissan found even more ways to make things easier on your wallet.

Along with voice-guided directions the map navigation settings are easy to employ despite having a wide variety of functions. Set your route type to ‘Fastest’ and Nissan Navigation will make sure you’re on time for whatever you have scheduled.  ‘Eco’ calculates the most economical route saving you gas and wear on your vehicle, while setting the map for ‘Shortest’ lets your Nissan show you the physically shortest distance between locations. In addition to these map features, you can also use your navigation system to avoid freeway or tollway usage.

Typing in your desired destination is as easy as knowing your ABCs, and saving addresses to the memory is another simple task in the user-friendly Nissan.

If you’re on the road and you need to grab a quick bite or need to refuel after days of driving, simply touch “places” on the menu screen and choose from “Nearby Restaurants” or Nearby Gas Stations”and you’ll be shown directions for corresponding options within a 50 mile radius. On specifically equipped vehicles you can even check real-time traffic events and weather conditions so you can stay informed on the go.

Also, on select model you can stay in tune with your phone, via NissanConnect which uses hands-free technology, your smartphone, and Nissan’s display screen so you’re never out of touch. It’s loaded with features and compatible with a growing list of apps that let you play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and navigate any city like a local.

Most importantly, Nissan will never leave you stranded. Nissan provides constant updates and service for their software and maps. Easily downloadable and always current their softwear and map updates are easy to install. Download the latest Navigation maps and software at :

Come to Berman’s Auto Group Star Nissan or Mid City Nissan for a detailed, up-close look at the navigation system.


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