Mid City Subaru Spends Sunday at Senior Center

Mid City Subaru volunteer at senior center

Mid City Subaru Crew outside of Copernicus Senior Center

A few hours out of your day can make a life-long impression to someone else. When you open a door for someone, you’re inviting good will in. When you donate a dollar to charity, you’re giving a chance. When you volunteer your time, you can change a life in mere minutes.

There’s a good deed waiting to be done at every turn and on Sunday, December 16 the Mid City Subaru crew took a turn into the Copernicus Senior Center parking lot on North Milwaukee Street in Chicago, to spend a little time with senior citizens in the community.

With each number called the anticipation grew. B-12. The pressure built  and in between numbers, the sounds of waiting could heard. Anxious clanking, hurried chair shifting and a few baited whispers parenthesized each number called.

G-50. BINGO! A collective sigh shot around the room like a fully inflated balloon that hadn’t been tied quick enough. But the fun for the day wasn’t yet deflated; it was only the first round in what was to be an exciting day of Bingo at the senior center, thanks to the crew at Mid City Subaru.

Just as soon as the sighs were expelled, clapping contagiously worked its way around the room while the first prize was delivered to its rightful owner. A Subaru bucket bag decorated with photos of pets and Subaru fans was only part of the prize. Inside the bag, a Subaru shirt and a pair of Subaru gardening gloves were also inside, along with a Walgreen’s gift card.

Around 30 of these gift bag prizes were donated and put together with love by the Mid City Subaru crew weeks in advance. “We hope they like the prizes,” said Ross Berman of Mid City Subaru. As employees of Mid City decked out in their Subaru blues, began to place the bags in the front of the room the excitement level rose, proving that these prizes would work out just fine.


The prize bags donated by Mid City Subaru

Copernicus Senior Center has been helping seniors stay active by providing a safe place to learn and have fun since the late ’70s. Over 4,000 seniors call Copernicus their home away from home, taking dance classes and even computer education courses at the center.  Also providing healthy meals at a budget-friendly price, the senior citizens that come here depend on Copernicus for almost everything, including a fun game of BINGO.

It also soon became clear that just a little love from some volunteers can make a big difference in the seniors’ day at the center. As each number went by Ata Said, a former school teacher from Israel, came close to winning time and time again. “I like when other people win, it’s ok,” he said with a shrug as he once again cleared the pennies used as bingo chips off his card. “ I’ve won before…a box of Cornflakes,” he said with a chuckle as he recalls his past BINGO endeavors.

When the prize table was almost baron, Said placed his penny and took a second glance down. “BINGO!” he called out as he and his table members put their hands in the air and clapped. As a volunteer from Mid City Subaru called out the final number to be validated, Ata was handed his very own prize bag, and as he looked down at it he smiled and looked over at a friend and said, “It’s better than Cornflakes!”



Rachel Lemieux

Social Media Director, Berman’s Auto Group


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